National Ballet of China Ballet Gala


National Ballet of China

Artistic Director: Feng Ying

Répétiteurs: Zhu Yan, Xu Gang, Yu Bo, Wang Qimin, Li Jun, Liu Qi, Yu Yang

Starring: Qiu Yunting, Sun Ruichen, Zhao Xinyue, Guan Chongzheng, Ning Long, Yan Hualong, etc.

National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Liu Ju

Concert Master: Liu Xiaohuan

Stage Production: Stage Production Department of NBC



La Sylphide Act II

Production by National Ballet of China

Producer: Feng Ying

Composer: Herman Severin Løvenskiold

Choreographer: August Bournonville

New Staging: Eva Kloborg and Frank Andersen

General Répétiteur: Xu Gang

Répétiteurs: Yu Bo, Liu Qi, Yu Yang

Stage Designer: Mikael Melbye 

Lighting Designer: Jørn Melin


Cast of La Sylphide Act II

The Sylphde: Zhao Xin Yue

James: Lu Chenqi, Shen Mengfan

(Dancers are subject to change)


Synopsis of La Sylphide ACT II

The forest at night. A dense fog permits only a glimpse of the foremost trees and cliffs. 

Madge is meeting with other witches. They dance about the fire in a circle, but Madge calls them to work. They now work their spell on a rose-colored drapery, whilst dancing. The spell is complete. They drink a farewell, and the flock of witches disappears into the cave.

Dawn gives way to sunrise, and the landscape presents a charming blend of woods and mountains. The Sylphide leads James from a mountain path. This is her domain. Here she will live for the one she loves. James is enraptured with delight and admiration. The Sylphide seems to fathom his every desire and refreshes him with fruits and spring water. James forgets everything for the one he loves. He follows the Sylphide in her easy flight, and their dancing blends together in harmony. This is their happiest moments.

The Sylphide is constantly trying to impress him and at a signal all her sisters come into view through the bushes. Their dancing and delightful groupings arouse James's enthusiasm. He is more than ever taken with the Sylphide, but she eludes his embrace and leaves. Anxious and grief-stricken, James cannot remain alone but rushes after the enchanting creature.

Gurn and his friends come into view on the hill along with Effy and Anna. They seek and question one another about the runaway, but until now their search has been fruitless. They spread out, and Gurn discovers a hat. It belongs to James. He is about to call the others, but at that moment Madge appears, seizes the hat, and flings it away. Gurn is frightened by the witch's sudden appearance, but she calms him and orders him to be silent and clever. Madge now tells Effy, that her prophecy will be fulfilled; for Gurn, that fine, goodhearted young fellow, is destines by fate to be Effy's husband. Effy, although deeply distressed, is nevertheless moved by the slighted Gurn's affection and allows him to escort her home. Madge remains alone.

James returns without having overtaken the Sylphide. His heart is a prey to regret and despair. He sees Madge and readily tells her everything and sees the rose-colored drapery, that hangs from her waist. “Please give me that, so I can give it to the Sylphide.” “I cannot give to thee and you cannot buy it: “Give it me! In return I will bestow upon you all that I possess.” Kneeling James begs her to forgive him for his hardness and to give him life through the possession of the Sylphide. Madge suffers herself to be moved and meaningfully hands him the rose-colored scarf. “Believe in its power and you shall succeed! Entwine her with this gauze. Then her wings will drop and she is yours forever.” Beside himself with joy and gratitude, James kisses the scarf and gives Madge thousand expressions of thanks.

He sees the Sylphide and waves the scarf; She sees it and pleads for the pretty scarf, which he purposely refuses her. She begs him for it promises never more to flee from him. Greedily, she reaches for the scarf, but at the same instant he twists it about her so tightly that she cannot move her arms. The Sylphide is captured and James presses her to him in excitement but she pushes him away from her. Her wings are now falling off. James is first now realizing what he has done. The Sylphide puts her hand to her heart as if she felt mortally wounded. "Take your wedding ring. Make haste, return it. You can still marry her whom you loved before me. Farewell! I die with hope of your future happiness.” The Sylphide's strength is decreasing little by little. The sylphs, her sisters, surround her, and in their arms she breathes forth her spirit. The Sylphs veil the beloved body and carry it away through the air.

At this moment the Madge enters to rejoice at James's despair and counters his reproaches with the icy laughter of revenge. She points to the background, where Gurn is leading Effy to the altar. Overcome with grief, the unfortunate James casts yet another look at his airy mistress and falls to the ground in a swoon.


Symphony Ballet The Great Land

Production by National Ballet of China

Co-Production by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Executive Director, Producer: Feng Ying

Consultants: Chen Weiguo, Li Qi

Executive Supervisor: Yang Xiong

Supervisors: Wang Jishu, Zhu Yan, Zhang Jian

General Coordinator: Zhang Tianyu

Choreography by Li Yang

Composers: Zhao Nan, Sun Ye (Guests)

Choreographers: Li Yang, Zheng Yu

Stage Design by Gong Xun

Lighting Design by Liu Zhao

Costume by Yue Songshan

Make-up and Style by Xu Bin

Libretto by Zhang Baoyue (Guest)

Video Director: He Zhiwei

Répétiteurs: Yu Bo, Liu Qi, Yu Yang

Assistant Music Mixer: Peng Ge

Support by Party Work Department of the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Special Thanks to Beijing Tianli Yixing Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.

Mrs. Song Jingtao


Performed by Guan Chongzheng, Yan Hualong, Ning Long, Zhao Xinyue, etc.


Introduction: The Great Land –Permanence of Our Landscape, a Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of CPC

The work shows generations of Communists and all the 140 million Chinese sons and daughters under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, with the original aspiration, share a common destiny, building mountains with the backbones, building the Great Wall with flesh and blood, and forming the rivers with arms. In this work, dancers are drawing a magnificent picture to present that the Party and the state put the people's lives in the most important position during the epidemic prevention and control. The work expresses our best wishes for the prosperous and strong country with lasting prosperity.



Music: Georges Bizet

Choreographer: Roland Petit

Stage Design: Antoni Clavé

Luigi Bonino,

Répétiteurs: Yu Bo, Liu Qi, Yu Yang


Cast of Carmen

Carmen: Qiu Yunting

Don Jose: Sun Ruichen

: Ning Long

: Yan Hualong, Lu Chenqi

Escamillo: Bi Ruxin

(Dancers are subject to change)



Scene One: Female workers at the cigarette factory

The female workers at the cigarette factory arrive at the square and join the crowd.

People hear a loud cry: it is Carmen fighting with a female worker.

Don Jose appears to drag them apart, and is ensnared by Carmen's beauty.

Carmen evaded Don Jose, who, however, closely followed her.

Scene Two: Lillas Pastia's Inn

The interior of an inn, throngs of men and women enter and exit.

Don Jose enters and excitedly sees Carmen dancing. Carmen dances while teasing him.

Scene Three: In a room

It is early morning, two lovers dance a long pas de deux.

In the inn, three smugglers arrive in search of Carmen.

Don Jose agrees to be their partner, and leaves with them.

Scene Four: A Barn

The three smugglers, Carmen and Don Jose are holed up surveying a road, intent on robbing a traveler. Carmen asks Don Jose to kill a traveler as proof of his love.

Don Jose is completely enraptured by Carmen, kills a passerby and steals his wallet.

After dividing up the booty, the three smugglers leave Don Jose, and flee together with Carmen.

Scene Five: The Bullfight

A crowd is waiting for the matador at the entrance to the amphitheater. Escamillo arrives wearing his shinning uniform, and gazes intently at Carmen. As everyone files into the spectator stands Don Jose leaps from the crowd and grasps Carmen, thinking of ripping her away. Carmen contemptuously refuses him. It is time for truth: Don Jose kills a person to prove his manliness, and while Carmen asks no more of him, he has nothing left to give. Just as in the fight between matador and bull taking place inside the stadium, Carmen and Don Jose tear at each other ferociously. In the end, Don Jose stabs Carmen, sending his love to her death.


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